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After a couple of calls, she told the Statesman, she learned that Jerome, had taken their money and never held up his end of the deal. Not only did I get yelled and cussed out, but I learned of his unethical practices. When she wasnt paid, Wood started asking about her paychecks. Still she did not get paid. Wood said she walked off the job after three weeks, due to excuses after excuses when it came to being paid for my hours worked. She finally did receive a check, but it bounced. this articleShe was finally able to cash it more than a month later. Jeff Jerome still owes me almost $1,000 in wages and commissions, she said. I doubt that I will ever get my money back. Woods problems did not end there. A few days before she started work for Jerome, she had booked the event center for the 10-year reunion of her Capital High School Class of 2006 in June. Her class had held its prom at the Powerhouse, and reunion planners thought it would be memorable to hold the reunion there too.

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online training for job interview

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