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Medical graduates hold a degree specific to the country and university in and from which they graduated. Is paediatrics for you? Paediatrics is a competence-based training programme which generally takes eight years to complete. it up. – Attending Physician, Islamabad, Pakistan Baylor College of Medicine is seeking participants for many paediatric related clinical trials. specialities within paediatrics require further training in the form of 2-3 year fellowships. What does the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health do? In some jurisdictions, paediatric training is begun immediately following completion of entry-level training. A common adage is that children are not simply “little adults”. able to be patient, sensitive and empathetic? fun-loving with a good sense of humour? As a paediatrician you could be working in: General paediatric units seeing a wide range of conditions affecting children Community-based settings managing long-term care of children and young people Highly specialised units working in a wide range of sub-specialties such as neonatal medicine Paediatrics is a road-based speciality which allows doctors to be generalists and see children and young people with a wide range of illnesses and disease or to become very specialised in certain areas.   medical assistant interview attireIt is a ladder-through programme, meaning that the years of training run continuously, dependent on satisfactory progression.  


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