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However, the medicine was only granted on a case-by-case basis. The new law would allow people with a variety of medical ailments to have legal access to the plant and the use of marijuana products containing the plants psychoactive ingredient, tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC as its often referred to. “It’s been years that we’ve been fighting for acknowledgment and approval and recognition of the medical and therapeutic uses of cannabis, and today we finally have something, Lisa Sanchez of Mexico Unido Contra la Delincuencia, a crime-stopping organization, told Reuters. The measure was approved by the Mexican senate by 98-7. Related Stories Montana’s Pot Dispensaries To Reopen Immediately Mexico has been taking steps to ease up on marijuana laws for quite some time now. Although recreational use is still completely banned, Reuters reported the country’s Supreme Court granted four people the right to grow and use their own marijuana for personal consumption last year. In April, the government considered relaxing possession laws, decriminalizing possession of small amounts of cannabis for personal use. In a country where drug cartels still bring in about $1.5 billion profit in marijuana sales, according to a 2010 report by RAND Corporation, lawmakers in Mexico say legalizing the drug could disrupt cartels power and strong presence throughout the country, especially since transport across U.S. borders has declined due to more quality marijuana being grown and sold legally in 28 states.

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There will be a 90 day transition period for existing providers and their staffs to move to the new CA-MMIS HE Portal and docs will provide training and support to assist existing providers in the transition process.  Food and Drug Administration. Incomplete or incorrect applications will be returned to the provider/submitter for click to investigate correction. August 2-4, 2016 Miami BEACH CONVENTION canter, Miami, Florida dime 2016 Website dime is a trade exhibition for medical equipment, products, services and technologies and is held annually at Miami Beach Convention enter. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Enter the date of issue from the recipient’s BBC card. Attach proof of payment/description of denial from Medicare when billing medical. docs looks forward to collaborating with its provider community to embrace and realize the benefits of the new system in 2015 and beyond. I received a denial stating my Treatment Authorization Request TAR does not match the dates of service on my claim. What does this mean?

Exit Sub End If Because Range objects share many of the same methods and properties as Selection objects, using Range objects is preferable for manipulating a document when there is not a reason to physically change the current selection. For thirty-five girls, the Selection is the chance of a lifetime. This documentation is archived and is not being maintained. If Selection.Type = wdSelectionIP Then MsgBox Prompt:=”You have not selected any text! Dim strTemp as String strTemp = Selection.Text If RightstrTemp, 1 = vbCr Then _ strTemp = LeftstrTemp, LenstrTemp – 1 The Selection object has various methods and properties with which you can collapse, expand, or otherwise change the current selection. The following example changes the font of the current selection from Times New Roman to Tacoma. Documents3.ActiveWindow.Selection.Cut The following example copies the selection from the first pane of the active document and pastes it into the second pane. -33% of all business failure is directly due to employee theft! The Information property will tell you if a selection is inside a table Selection.InformationwdWithinTable = True.

As for production operation, the Company strengthened cost discipline, substantially reduced low-efficiency and high-cost oil production, and increased natural gas production. This segment realized an operating loss of RMB 21.9 billion in the first half of 2016 but continued to generate cash inflow from operating activities. Refining: the Company adjusted its product mix in response to sharp increase of throughput from other refineries and abundant market supply. The Company further optimised its oil product mix by increasing the production of gasoline, kerosene and light chemical feedstock with a further decline in diesel-to-gasoline ratio. In the first half of 2016, this segment realised an operating profit of RMB 32.6 billion, representing an increase of 113% year on year. The refining margin was RMB 514.4 per tonne, representing an increase of 47.9% year on year. Marketing and Distribution: the Company coordinated and optimised internal and external resources and took full advantage of the synergies between its fuel and non-fuel businesses, achieving growth in their total business volume and retail transactions despite ample fuel supply and strong competition in the market. In addition, the Company adjusted marketing efforts by increasing the retail operation of premium products with high-octane numbers. Non-fuel business sustained rapid development with transaction amount significantly increased by 43% year on year. This segment’s operating profit was RMB 15.8 billion, representing an increase of RMB 600 million year on year. Chemicals: the Company continued to adjust the structure of its feedstock, products and facilities.

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