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MD-Vue features infinite resolution retraction, multiple fixation options and integrated LED lighting. The system will sell into a $1.2B worldwide market and is one of several innovative systems in the Precision Spine product development pipeline the company expects to become significant growth drivers during the next phase of its aggressive growth. The MD-Vue Lateral Access Systems patented, nested 3-blade design is an innovative feature that enables surgeons to prevent blade creep in lateral procedures. It incorporates a large blade diameter for increased surface interview skills melbourne area contact, which minimizes the pressure on neural structures during retraction. And the systems radiolucent retractor increases visibility of critical anatomical structures during intraoperative C-Arm use, said Faheem Sandhu, M.D. Director of Spine Surgery at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, a key member of the MD-Vue design team. Andrew G. Cappuccino, M.D., another key member of the MD-Vue design team, remarked, The system features Infinite Cranial/Caudal Resolution, which is designed to prevent unwanted nerve pressure by permitting the surgeon to dial in precisely the desired amount of retraction, in contrast to other systems which only permit traditional incremental step retraction. In addition, the system features an industry leading integrated, adjustable dual light source, as well as an improved rotary retraction mechanism that provides surgeons with better control and tactile feel during retraction. With its many unique features, MD-Vue is a noteworthy advancement over existing lateral access systems and an outstanding platform from which we can continue to expand our presence in the lateral market, said Jim Pastena, Precision Spines Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board. Its a landmark addition to our portfolio and represents another example of how Precision Spine is working with spine surgeons to develop next generation products designed to help improve efficiency and achieve positive patient outcomes. About Precision Spine Precision Spine, Inc.

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