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<img src="" width='250px' alt='Christian Slater, Rami Malek; Mr. Robot‘ align=’left’ /> The women of Mr. Robot reveal 10 surprising secrets Whiterose was saying some cosmic s–t, and is obsessed with time to the point that she’s buying K-Mart cuckoo clocks from Germans for tons of cash. I can’t help but think about the line she said in the first season: “You hack people, I hack time.” (A line that was repeated in the “previously on” segment, signifying some kind of importance as it relates to this episode.) And as far back as Season 1, I’ve said out loud to actual human beings that I think Mr. Robot might be headed toward something a lot more than just rich corporate jerks putting their boots on the throats of the 99 percent. Yeah, I’m talking about immortality. Or time travel. Or something of that ilk. Yes, crazy, I know. But in “Logic Bomb” — an apt title for these out-of-this-world theories — Whiterose gave us the biggest piece of evidence that I might be on to something.

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They.ant to understand how you think and what is important to you. A company doesn’t want to hire someone with wanderlust who still wanCs to relocate. Did it help you? Read Shortcut to a New Job, Tap an Insider to learn employers’ favourite method of hiring new find new employees. Thanks! The surest way to obtain employment is to stop complaining about no work, get off the couch and go knock on doors with resume in hand. Note: Limiting your job search to applying for jobs on-line is not effective. Recruiters Elizabeth Webster and Kelly Ratliff offer the insider’s perspective important dos and don’ts on how to succeed in a temporary assignment, one of the articles in Job-Hunt’s Guide to the Temporary Work Option . visit the websiteBecause recruiters and employers constantly search on-line to find qualified job candidates and to check out job applicants, you have a “goggle resume.” Treat your search as a full-time exercise: the job of getting a job.

job hunting

job hunting

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